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James & Allie recap the 2024 South Downs Way 100, a truly incredible race weekend with a record 349 finishers in its first year as a World Trail Major.

This this sixth episode in our Race Review series looks at the Grand Union Canal Race. Following some latest news, James talks about what the GUCR is really like and why as a quintessentially classic British ultramarathon, it should be on everyones bucket list.



James Elson and Allie Bailey recap the 2024 North Downs Way 50 including the results, stats and the fact that James actually ran the race himself SHOCK HORROR! As always comes with a minor bad language warning.

TP100 RD James Elson and co-host Allie Bailey discuss the state of the union before recapping this years Thames Path 100.

This this fifth episode in our Race Review series looks at the Marathon Des Sables. Following some latest news, James talks about what the MdS is really like and tries to remember what was his first big race back in 2006.

SDW50 RD James Elson and Team Runner Allie Bailey discuss their recent races at the Lakes/ Northern Traverse, the acquisition of the Arc of Attrition by UTMB/ Ironman and the recent results at the South Downs Way 50.

Episode 4 in the Race Review series and our RD James Elson talks through the ins and outs of the Barkley Marathons after the astonishing events of last week - focusing on what is it really like 'Out There'. 

James and Allie recap the 2024 Centurion season opener - the Hundred Hills 50km, covering off the day and the results. Also features some pre-amble about Allie's book tour, Barkley Marathons and some inconsistent training for upcoming races.

Episode 3 in the Race Review series with the focus this time on Rocky Raccoon 100, a fast trail 100 miler in Texas which takes place in early Feb. Before that there is a catch up on the latest news and a quick rundown of the results and how the race unfolded at the 2024 Arc of Attrition which featured last time out. Photo c/o Tejas Trails Events.

Latest Centurion News including a reflection on the Spine Race, followed by the second in a series of episodes focused on key events throughout the year where James Elson gives a look behind the scenes of key races in the ultra calendar. This time the focus race is the Arc of Attrition and Arc 50. What is it, what does it involve, what's the course and what's it really like to take part. 

James chats to 2023 Winter Downs 200 Mens Finisher Luke Carter. Luke won the hearts of all from arrival at registration to each check point where he was often last to leave, right through to his dramatic finish 12 minutes inside the cut off. He was just 10 minutes inside the cut off at the 50 mile point and overcame all obstacles to get it done!

Latest Centurion News followed by the first in a series of episodes focused on key events throughout the year where James Elson gives a look behind the scenes of key races in the ultra calendar throughout the year. First up the Spine Race. What is it, what does it involve, what's the course really like and what's happend so far in this years event.

Link to Kit and YouTube video on The Spine Race https://www.centurionrunning.com/news/2023/02/06/kit-and-advice-for-the-spine-race

James chats to 2023 Winter Downs 200 Mens Champion Ry Webb. Ry tells us about his build up to the race, inluding his superb fourth place run at Leadville 100 in the summer. As well as taking us through the race itself. It looked plain sailing on paper but there's a lot more to it and Ry explains it all!

The second episode in our Winter Downs 200 series, this time James Elson speaks to John Fanshawe who finished the race in 95hr15 mins. As an uncrewed runner he talks about the different considerations in approaching the race vs those for a runner with crew. At 77, John is also a world class athlete and discussed how age impacts racing decisions, or not as the case may be!

An interview with Winter Downs 200 2023 Champion Laura Swanton-Rouvelin. First in a series of short conversations with various athletes from the 2023 Winter Downs 200.

2023 Winter Downs 200 recap pod with James Elson. The genesis of the race and a breakdown of how it all unfolded.


James Elson and Allie Bailey Recap the 2023 Autumn 100 - a race which Allie actually ran in herself for the third time.

An initial chat through her direct experiences from pre to post race with all gory details included, moves into a discussion of the overall event and a look ahead. Enjoy! Warning: Contains some bad language (As usual!).

This episode features an interview with the unstoppable Ken Fancett, on the eve of his incredible feat of finishing his 100th, 100 mile ultra finish at the Autumn 100 in mid October. James and Ken discuss his career, changes in the sport, what has driven and enabled him to get to this point and what comes next. Sound quality is a bit all over the place unfortunately but we hope so valuable nuggets of wisdom throughout from one of the true superstars of the sport.

Note: Previous podcast episode on BURP with Ken available here

James and Allie cover loads in this episode including an NDW100 2023 Recap, WD200 update, a comparison of our 100 milers, the Ridgeway 86 - what is it? Plus James and Allie's own racing and more.

James and Allie catch up about the inaugural Wendover Woods Weekender, covering all of the races that took place over event weekend as well as chatting about their own running and plans.

A recap of the 2023 SDW100. Centurion Ultra Team runners Cat Simpson and Edwina Sutton join James and Allie for a look back at the event - all three ladies ran the race and share their stories of the day.

James and Allie recap the 2023 North Downs Way 50 and tackle the thorny subject of the recent rise of rule breaking by crews and supporters at ultras.

A recap of the 2023 Thames Path 100 and much more with James Elson and Allie Bailey.

This episode features an interview with Centurion Coach and Ultra Team runner, Ry Webb. Robbie Britton talks to Ry about his background as an athlete, including the continual rise in his results (amongst other things Ry is the NDW50 course record holder) and as a coach. Ry has been an ever present with Centurion having taken part in the very first event we ever staged.

James welcomes co-host Allie Bailey to the podcast to chat about the 2023 SDW50 results, her win at the Wildhorse 200 and the launch of our Winter Downs 200 Miler - new for December 2023.


This weeks pod features an interview with another Centurion Coach with an incredible athletic background, on top of his deep coaching pedigree - Neil Bryant. Neil chats to Robbie Britton about all aspects of his running and coaching in this interview.

RD James Elson recaps the Hundred Hills 50km. This year was the inaugural event so James gives us a bit of background into how it came to be and then goes over the results and stories of race weekend. Finishing off by touching on this years Barkley Marathons, from the perspective of a runner and an onlooker!


This weeks pod features an interview with Centurion Coach and all round international Ultra Superstar - Sophie Grant. Sophie chats to James about her career as an athlete which has featured highlights ranging from being a top ten finisher at UTMB to Team GB representation to becoming UK Skyrunning Champion and so much more. We find out what led Sophie into coaching, her overall philosophy and why coaching is so worthwhile to both athlete but also to the coach!



This episode features an interview from our Head of Endurance Robbie Britton, with Sarah Cameron. Sarah is a much valued member of our coaching team and a past winner of the SDW100 as well as having qualified for Team GB over 24 hours.



In this episode James chats with one of our longest standing Coaching Team members - Edwina Sutton. After a brief recap of the Spine Race which both completed this January, Eddie tells us all about her career as a triathlete, her move across to ultrarunning and her long background as a coach. 

This episode features a chat with Centurion Head of Endurance Robbie Britton. Robbie tells us about his incredible roster of endeavours both as a runner and on the bike. Before moving onto his coaching background, his coaching and training philosophies and how those things differ. Finishing up with his thoughts on which runners benefit from coaching and how to pick the right coach for you. 


James recaps his adventures at this years Spine Race which took place between 15th and 21st January, as well as a brief overview of the Arc of Attrition from last weekend and the Slam so far. 


An update on all the news thus far, two weeks into our 2023 One Slam Event plus a look at our 500 and 1000 mile buckle holders, with stories from our most prolific ever runners.

James Elson introduces the 2023 One Slam and reflects on the first week of the event. Plus a recap of the 2022 season and the highlights from it.

A recap of the 2022 Wendover Woods 50, with a brief history of the event followed by a focus on this years race from front to back.


All the latest Centurion news, a look into the history of the Autumn 100 (born Winter 100 in 2012) and a recap of this years event from the front to the back.


Race Report/ Recap of the 2022 Chiltern Wonderland 50. Includes a bit of background to the event, some of the story behind how it came about. Plus a look at the mens and womens races from front to back, from this edition.


Race Recap of the 2022 North Downs Way 100. A brief history of the event and a focus on this years' results, performances and some stories from behind the scenes. Includes the latest MVP Volunteer!


Having recently completed the Ramsay, our RD James Elson talks through the classic British Rounds - the Bob Graham, the Paddy Buckley and the Charlie Ramsay. Each of them classic mountain routes to be completed under 24 hours. What they are, how to approach them and what to consider.

For more information about Rounds and Records in the UK, visit https://www.gofar.org.uk/

Our Store: Harvey Maps of the Rounds

A recap of the 2022 South Downs Way 100 focusing on the history of the event and the main stories of this years race.

*correction: first FV50 was in fact Claire Howard in 20:09, an even bigger new category record. Samantha Lloyd was second FV50. 


James is joined by Sophie Power of She Races, Sarah Cameron a Centurion Coach and Nici Griffin a Centurion RD to discuss a range of topics related to increasing and improving the quality of womens participation in Ultrarunning. 


Our Information for Female Runners.

She Races. Fill in the She Races Survey to help provide more data and feedback from which guidance can be given back to the sport.

Fitrwoman App: Track Your Period and Train Smarter

Sport and Female Health: Roar by Stacey Sims

Sport and the Menopause: Next Level by Stacey Sims

Sophie Power: Return to Running Documentary

Active Pregnancy

Postnatal: Return to Running Medical Guidelines

A recap of the 2022 North Downs Way 50 - stories from the day and about the race, Centurion and the sport in general.

A recap of the 2022 Thames Path 100 from RD James Elson. James discusses what happens over the course of race week, a recap of the TP100 this year from front to back and shares a few other stories of the day.

Episode 1 of the One Slam 2022 Event. James Elson one of our RD's here at Centurion, talks about the event so far and what the next few Bolt On events are. He also discloses full details about the Blue Monday event/ bolt on, taking place on January 17th 2022.



Mini Race Brief from Centurion RD James Elson on our third One Community virtual event that starts tomorrow - 2nd April 2021.


As we reach Day 30 and pass the mid way point in the Virtual Slam event, Centurion RD James Elson chats to one of our Centurion coaches Neil Bryant about the best way to tackle what is ahead. Neil has an incredible pedigree as an endurance athlete which he turned into his passion as a coach five years ago. The two talk over Neils career before going over some advice for those looking to remain consistent and complete the Slam feeling stronger and better as the event goes on.


James gives a short update as we hit the 10 day mark of the One Slam virtual event. There are some thoughts about the One Love 5km/ Half/ 50km over next weekend and how to incorporate that into the broader challenge of the Slam.




James talks about the experience of taking on One Slam so far, some tips and advice for how to structure this two month long 'event and talks briefly about Martin Stone's epic Solo Unsupported Mid-Winter Bob Graham Round. (Image: Martin Stone at the finish of his round, with 4 volt battery powered handtoch in hand).

One Community final day pod features a conversation with Ian Maddieson, 15 time Western States finisher who at 78 just wrapped his One Community event up across the pond in New Mexico

Well done to all of you so far this week. Today a quick interview with Phil Marshall. Sarah Marshall who is trying to complete the 5km over the course of the week, has captured the hearts and minds of everyone on the community facebook page. Please take a listen to understand a little more about why. Her efforts really epitomise why whether it’s 5km or 100 miles, everyones journey is different and worthwhile. Sarahs fund raising page is available here. https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/sarahandphilcenturionchallenge. Thank you.

It is day three of the One Community II week.

This episode features some of the key stories of the first two days and is followed by a conversation with Explorer/ Runner/ Cave Diver - John Volanthen. John has a background of multi-sports but became a little more widely known recently, as the cave rescuer who reached the missing Thai soccer team trapped in the Tham Luang Cave in 2018 and ultimately helped bring them out to safety. James explores how John approaches risk and manages difficult situations such as cave rescue, through sport and in day to day life.

In this episode, James Elson, Robbie Britton and Drew Sheffield discuss the upcoming One Up Virtual event taking place over 20th-26th July. The aim is to accumulate as much vertical/ elevation gain within the week as possible to achieve the highest of the eight possible levels that they can. The trio of hosts try to break the details down and share tips and advice for those planning on taking part. Full details by heading to this link.


You can also find our planning and advice document here 


James chats to one of our Centurion Running regulars, Sonny Peart, about the Black Lives matter movement, Racism today in the UK and Black runners within the sport of ultrarunning. Why are there so few and what can we do to increase participation and access?

If you want to learn more, here are a list of resources we have put together with Sonnys help

Books recommended by Sonny

  • Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People about Race, by Renni Eddo-Lodge
  • The Good Immigrant, edited by Nikesh Shukla
  • There Ain’t no Black in the Union Jack, by Paul Gilroy
  • Freedom is a Constant Struggle, by Angela Davis
  • Beloved, by Toni Morrison
  • Netflix has made the documentary 13th available currently for free on YouTube

Daily Update from the final day of the One Community challenge. Today we speak to Claudia Burrough who shattered the 100 mile distance in a time of 15 hours and 20 minutes, but did so in a wheelchair, creating a whole new category in the process. We also catch up with Spencer Millberry who finished the 100 mile distance in one go, over Friday into Saturday in a series of out and backs from his front door.

Update from Day 6 of the One Community Challenge, the interview today is with James's co-host of the British Ultrarunning Podcast and past European 24hr Champion Dan Lawson - who currently leads the Mens 50km overall.

A quick recap of the first 4 days of the One Community virtual event, and an interview with Kat and Fran who are probably two of the most remote participants this week, geographically. A team of 7 from their British Antarctic Survery Base on South Georgia Island are entered and working their way towards their targets over the course of the week.

A quick recap of the first 3 days of the One Community Challenge and an interview with the Leaney family who are all taking part this week.

A quick recap of the first 48hrs of the One Community event and an interview with Jess Schumann who is running the 100 mile distance on a cruise ship!

Centurion Running head coaches James Elson and Robbie Britton discuss the upcoming One Community Virtual event and offer their top tips and advice on planning and participating in this unique challenge. The discussion also covers general training and racing advice relevant to all ultra distances.

Download training plans: