Centurion Running

Refund/ Transfer Policy

This page is designed to provide runners an understanding of our refund and transfer policy, with information behind the reason for it.

First and foremost, we are runners ourselves, we understand all too well how frustrating it is not to be able to make the start line of an event that you/we have invested huge time and energy towards. We therefore try to be absolutely transparent with this policy and leave absolutely no room for confusion.

Our Refund/ Transfer policy for all Events is as follows:

Withdrawals up to 4 weeks prior to race day (0600 GMT Saturday 28 days prior) are eligible for a 70% refund. Withdrawals after that time will not be refunded as all race day costs have been incurred by that stage and you will not be replaced. There are no deferals or transfers to alternative/ later events. Exception to this is ONLY ifor pregnancy and in which case you must notify us by email of your pregnancy no later than 4 weeks prior to race day to be eligible for a 100% refund. You must acknowledge that you understand and agree to this policy during the registration process.

You will find the above listed on the registration page on our website, and all runners are presented with the exact details of the below policy during the registration process. Runners must tick the box in agreement to this policy in order to register for a race. Quite simply we do not want anyone for any reason to feel cheated or let down if they need to cancel their entry. We simply cannot be more transparent than this. 

To put it simply, if you do not agree with the refund/ policy, please do not enter the event. 

We make the policy as clear as possible by making you aware of it and asking you to agree to it during the registration process. We are not in a position to judge every case on it's individual merit. We can only have one completely clear policy for every situation faced.


Can I transfer my entry to another runner?

The answer to this is no and here's why. We are fortunate enough that every event we have staged since 2012, has sold out.  Previously we operated waitlists but this added an air of uncertaintly for many on that list as they were never sure if they would get a place and therefore it could affect training.  This way you simply have a place or you don't.  If we allowed transfers this would be unfair on the many who missed out initially but don't know anyone who is giving up their place and the system would no longer be fair.

Can I transfer my entry to another race?

The answer to this is no and here's why. When entries go on sale for a new event, the priority is given to volunteers from the previous year. Entries are then opened at a given date and time for everyone else. Sometimes the races fill up very quickly indeed. If we transfer entries for runners from one race to the next or one year to the next, those people are effectively bypassing the registration process as it applies to everyone else. The system would no longer be fair. We would also see a number of runners securing entries to events they had no intention to run, simply to transfer/ guarantee entry to another which fills up very quickly.

Can I get a refund inside of 4 weeks prior to race day?

The answer to this is no and here's why. Exactly 4 weeks out from race day, we shut the waiting list and no further entries are taken. If you cancel inside of 4 weeks, you will no longer be replaced. The reason for that is administrative. It is at that point we do the following:

- Run all runner registration details for medical declarations and communicate those to our chief medical officer. We then liaise with the runners with outstanding conditions as to their being fit to compete.
- Check all runner qualifier details and correspond with those runners who have listed incomplete or missing qualifiying data (and who then may not be permitted to start the race).
- Finalise the awards orders, most importantly T- Shirt sizes. 
- Collect and collate Runner Emergency Contact Details and communicate those to the three key members of staff who hold those on race day.
- Send the first of our two runner pre-race mail outs.
- Collate and print all runner manual bib timing sheets.
- Collate and print our registration sheets, divided in to 3 groups by alphabetical order.

Any changes to the start list inside of 4 weeks would render us having to amend or re-run every one of the above items, some of which simply cannot be done any later than 4 weeks prior to race day. That is why we pick that period of time. Remember, you are not the only person who has to cancel their spot. 

I need to cancel and it is more than 4 weeks to race day. How much of a refund am I eligible for?

As above, inside of 4 weeks there are no refunds for any reason. Outside of 4 weeks prior to race day, no matter the reason for cancelling your entry, you are eligible for a 70% refund. The reason for this is that there is a physical and administrative cost to processing your refund. The cost of that is 30% of the entry fee. 

The exception to this is pregnancy. See below.

Pregnancy refund level

Runners who notify us of pregnancy outside of 4 weeks prior to race day are eligible for a 100% refund. 


Once again, we try to be as clear as we can with the above policy. The only way to ensure parity across the board is to have one clear policy and stick to it, however much of blow it comes to a runner who discovers they are unable to run the race they have entered.  

What happens if the event is changed and/or cancelled?

Race management reserve the right to modify, at any time, the course or aid station locations listed. 

In the case of severe/ extreme weather conditions including but not limited to flooding after the event start, race management reserve the right to abandon the event at any time.  No refunds will be offered in that situation but a suitable alternative will always be sought.

If the event cannot take place for reasons out of the control of race management including but not limited to flooding, severe weather or denial of access to the original course (foot and mouth outbreak for example), race management reserve the right to postpone the event to a later date and all entries will be carried forward to the new date. Refunds may not be offered under these circumstances. Event cancellation due to reasons such as Coronavirus or other such pandemic, public health, local authority travel and movement restrictions and bans of any kind etc. are beyond our control and no refund will be given in such circumstances. If the event is cancelled for reasons which require the event to be postponed indefinitely, race management reserve the right to retain all entry fees against costs incurred.