We are shocked and saddened beyond words, at what we are currently witnessing with regards to the unprovoked and unprecedented attack by Russia on Ukraine. It is so hard to know what action to take. We all feel helpless. But also because action punishes individuals who want nothing to do with Putin’s regime.

Nevertheless take a stand we must, silence will not solve this problem.

As a result we have taken the decision to prevent any Russian or Belarussian athletes from running in our events under their national flags, they may compete as neutrals only. Entry fees from Russian and Belarussian athletes will be donated in full to Unicef’s fund for the children of Ukraine. In addition, all of the money taken from food and drinks sales at all of our events will go directly to the same fund.

Sport should unite not divide. But we have to unanimously send the message to Russia and Belarus that this war will not stand.

Our hearts go out to the people of Ukraine.