6 Mar 2024

One Slam 2024 Race Report and Results



The fourth edition of our annual One Slam virtual event took an earlier start date than usual and kicked off on Christmas Day to allow most people to get off to a good start over the holiday period. 

The challenges were the same as in 2023. Runners/ Walkers (and scooters for the kids division!) had ten weeks to achieve their goal distance which ranged from 50 miles up to 1000 miles. 

Most use this as pre-season training and an added level of motivation to get out and move during the colder, darker and in the case of this year, very much wetter months! It is truly fantastic to see the positive impact this has on so many peoples winters and the rest of their year of racing and training off of the back of the added consistency. The coaching webinars put on by our team, led by Robbie Britton in every case, were widely attended and offered many a chance to learn and reflect and of course therefore improve and further enjoy their running and training. 

473 runners across 19 countries took part in this challenge. From little ones taking on 50 miles on their bikes and scooters, to Aaron Robinson who finished his 1000 miles before the end of January, this event encourages people of all ages, abilities, locations and backgrounds to have a go at challenging themselves. It is become such a worthwhile enterprise each year.

On top of that, 10% of all proceeds will be sent to the charity MIND and 71 trees were planted through runners opting out of their awards in favour of trees not tees.

For 2025 we will be back, again starting on Christmas Day. The distances will be the same. However we will be including a One Up week with separate awards which will be free to enter for those looking to see what they can do in the hills! Further details will be available in the coming weeks.

Huge thanks to all who took part and of course to our sponsors and partners for the spot prizes along the way. Petzl, La Sportiva, Ultimate Direction and Injinji.

One Slam 2024: Photo c/o Brioni Izzard

One Slam 2024 Photo c/o Thuy Nga

One Slam 2024 Photo c/o Frank Leary 

One Slam 2024 Photo c/o Kyla and Keith Miller

One Slam 2024 Photo c/o Christina Lyon


One Slam 2024 Photo c/o Chris Goad

 One Slam 2024 Photo c/o Robbie Britton