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Centurion Track 100®

23 Apr 2022

Course Records

Aleksandr Sorokin (M)



Sam Amend (F)



What date is the event and when do registrations open? 

The race will take place on Saturday 23rd April 2022. Start time is 0600 and cut off is 2300.

Registrations are open and available on a first come first served basis via email at this link. Registrations are via application, qualification or invite only.

What are the qualification standards?

Runners meeting one of the listed minimum application standards below may apply for acceptance into the race. 

Runners not meeting the explicit listed times may petition for acceptance via other performances (eg course difficulty) and these will be judged on an individual basis. We will prioritise those who have run ratified qualifiers or fast times for distances in line with the specificity of this event.

Qualifying marks should be recent, preferably in the last three years.


24 Hour: 230km+
100 Mile: Sub 15:00
12 Hour: 135km+
100km: Sub 7:40
6 Hour: 80km+
50 Mile: Sub 6:00
50km: Sub 3:05
Marathon: Sub 2:28


24 Hour: 208km+
100 Mile: Sub 17:00
12 Hour: 118km+
100km: Sub 8:40
6 Hour: 69km+
50 Mile: Sub 7:00
50km: Sub 3:40
Marathon: Sub 2:55

Is the event record eligible? 

Yes, under both UK Athletics and IAU/ IAAF rules. Whilst the core race is the 100 mile distance which is record eligible, splits will be taken at 50km, 50 miles, 6 hours, 100km and 12 hours. All of those split distances are also individually ratified as record eligible.

The race holds the following labels through the IAU:

100 Mile - Gold Label
12 Hour - Gold Label
100km - Silver Label
50 mile - Silver Label
6hr - Silver Label
50km - Silver Label

The race will be officiated by three UK Athletics Timing Officials and a race referee. Manual Timing and Electronic timing will feature throughout. All meet the standards for World Records to be set.

Is there any Ani Doping?

Yes UK Anti Doping will be on standby for the event. If any world or continental open record is set, the athlete will be required to perform an Anti Doping test at the venue, carried out by UKAD. 

Will there be live updates during the race for friends and family to follow? 

There will be a live webcast during the event. Live times will be available lap by lap both at track side and online. Footage and information will be shared via various channels throughout the course of the race. 

What does your aid station provide?

The aid station will provide runners with a range of fueling and hydration options for the runners directly and be there to assist/ support crews with their requirements eg. access to water for their runners.

How do I get to the start/ finish? Where should I park? 

Please refer to the travel and accomodation page here for full details of getting to and from the race. 

What facilities are there at the Start/ Finish? 

On Site Parking, Toilets, Showers, Male and Female Changing, Food and Drink.

What are the timings? 

A full schedule is available here. Race registration opens at 0500 on race morning. Your race number will not be posted to you before race day, you will be able collect it then. The race starts at 0600 and finishes at 2300.

Are pacers allowed?

No not at any time. Please see rules here.

Are crews allowed?

Yes and they are strongly encouraged in order to give you the runner the best possible chance of running your best race.

Are spectators allowed?

Supporters/ spectators are encouraged to attend. Please come down and support the runners. There is no cost to entry. First access is at 0600 and supporters must vacate the premisis by 2300, or the time of the final finisher.

Spectators must remain in the stands only, the stadium side of the railings.

Spectators are welcome to take pictures or video but must not publish either for commercial use, without first asking us for a licence. See below.

Media/ Press Enquiries:

Any press, commercial image or media enquiries should be emailed to us by clicking here.

Will there be toilets at the start/ finish or on the race route? 

Yes. There are toilets in the track headquarters, at track level.

What are the prizes/ awards?

Awards will be presented to 1st place in the mens and womens events. There will be no Age Group Awards. 

I need to withdraw, what is the refund/ transfer policy?

Withdrawals up to 4 weeks prior to race day (0600 GMT Saturday 28 days prior) are eligible for a 70% refund. Withdrawals after that time will not be refunded as all race day costs have been incurred by that stage and you will not be replaced. There are no deferals or transfers to alternative/ later events. You must acknowledge that you understand and agree to this policy during the registration process.If you do not agree with the refund policy please do not enter the event. 

To withdraw please find your entry here and click the Cancel button. Your card will automatically be refunded the 70% fee up to 4 weeks before race day. After this time, you can still cancel your entry, but without any refund.

Exception to this is ONLY for pregnancy and in which case you must notify us by email of your pregnancy no later than 4 weeks prior to race day to be eligible for a 100% refund. 

How do I get in touch?

Please email us at [email protected] for any questions at all.