The staging of all of our remaining 2020 events is subject to government guidelines and we must await further data and information before final decisions can be made.

However, actions that will be taken with regards to social distancing and reduced transmission at all of those events, have been assessed and are listed below. These are designed specifically to limit transmission even if the events are able to proceed. 

Please note some or all of these will be required, and that the list is not exhaustive, others may be added. The purpose here is to give runners as much forewarning as possible with regards to potential changes to their 2020 race.

To enable us to adhere with current guidelines and to play our part in reducing possible transmissions we will be introducing the below outlined actions in 2020 (and possibly beyond where required).  We must ALL play our part in enabling race events to go ahead and therefore your understanding and help in implementing the below is required and appreciated.


  • One over riding rule is that social distancing can and will be maintained if advised as necessary by the government, in all of the below settings not limited to dropping bags, starting the event, aid stations, or at the finish. 
  • It will be possible and potentially required to organise an entire event outdoors. Any indoor registration, start, finish and indoor checkpoint can be moved or staged outside to reduce transmission without other risks being posed to runners.  
  • All volunteers will be provided with PPE including but not limited to nitrile gloves, face masks and access to sanitiser.
  • All staff including set up and sweep teams will be provided with PPE and will sanitise each area on arrival and departure, eg aid station set up or sweep.

Pre Race

  • Runners who are displaying any possible Covid-19 symptoms including but not limited to high temperature, dry cough etc will be asked not to attend the race.
  • Race Bibs and Kit check: All race bibs will be sent out via post prior to the event.  Runners will not be required to pass kit check or register at the event. Any runner missing a bib or who did not receive one can still collect on the day. 
  • Bags : Runners will be required to ensure any drop bags or finish bags are clearly labelled with their race number prior to arriving. Bag deposit will function as a socially distanced drop off with Centurion Staff in PPE collecting and storing them, to transport and offload for the same procedure at the finish.
  • Pre Race Temp Check : Runners temperatures will be taken (by use of handheld laser style thermometer).  Any runner with elevated temperature of 37.8 degrees C as recommended by the CMO will not be allowed to start the race.
  • Race Start: The race start may be a large starting window of 2-3 hours (TBC). Runners may arrive directly to the start wearing their bib number and with mandatory kit and will be permitted to start whenever they like. The chip timing will activate at the start so runner times will be based on their own chip alone. Social distancing will be in place and marshals will ensure no runner is within 2 metres of another through the start process. 

During Race 

  • Kit Check : Due to elimination from this at race start runners need to be aware for safety reasons this will be randomly checked on course, by a staff member in PPE and be prepared to stop and show proof of any required items.
  • Aid Station Etiquette: Runners to sanitise hands at designated entry and exit points to aid stations. Runners will only be permitted into the aid station areas with social distancing and will be held at distanced intervals prior to the aid station if others are in the check point when they arrive. Aid stations will be split into two halves, both delivering the same aid options (for example water, tailwind, packeted food), to speed up the rate at which runners can receive aid and move on. Due to field sizes and the spread of start and finish times, this will likely be a short wait, nevertheless runners must be patient with staff and volunteers.
  • Hydration and Fuelling : To reduce/eliminate runner and volunteer contact runners must use hand sanitiser prior to using the aid station or will be refused access. Runners must fill their own water bottles and all aid station food to be individually packaged.  Where possible runners should aim to be self-sufficient nutrition wise. Runners must also sanitise hands on the way out of aid stations.
  • On Course Etiquette : At known pinch points there will be marshals deployed.  All runners must be prepared to observe social distancing at all times and slow down/stand aside to allow members of the public to pass safely without issue. Runners should call from behind if they wish to pass a slower moving runner ahead and ask them to move aside. Runners must run to one side of the trail if being passed allowing the widest possible distance between each other.
  • The minibus picking up dropped runners will run at half capacity to ensure every other seat is left clear - and sanitised after each use. We are not ancitipating any additional delay for runners awaiting collection.


  • Awards : All t-shirts and medals/buckles will be individually packaged and runners are to collect these themselves at finish line rather than be presented with them. Runners must use hand sanitiser provided before and after collecting awards.
  • Post Race: Finish line food and drink will be more limited and individually packaged to reduced transmission.  
  • All runners will be encouraged to make quick onward travel and social distancing will be required.
  • Finish line shuttle buses will be only half filled so 2 people per row