From 14 Feb 2022 to 20 Feb 2022

One Community is back for a fourth time. The first event took place in May 2020 and was a massive success and a huge amount of positivity was created from that one simple idea. 4000 runners took part. 

This year our One Slammers are running One Community week as part of their 100 day long Slam journey. But we wanted to open it up to the broader community who just wanted to be part of the week again, rather than the full 100 days!

Starting on Valentines, Monday 14th Feb, runners have seven days to complete their chosen distance, either over as many runs as they like or in one go. Kids can get involved once again too as this co-incides with Half Term in the UK.

Here are the results and the report from the first edition so you can get a feel for what it is all about.

General Info

What is It 

Centurion Running One Community is a virtual event which takes place over 7 days, starting at 0001 GMT on Monday 14th February 2022 and ending at 2359 on Sunday 20th February. The event is for everybody, anywhere in the world, of any age. 

You can select any of the target distances you wish from the below, and run that distance in one go, or cumulatively, over the course of the week.

You may submit results in any format via the results page which will appear in the lead up to the race. Enter the time and day on which you started your first run, and then the finish time of your final run. If you do the distance in one go, then the start and finish time of that one run. The system will then calculate your overall time.

  • 5km
  • 10km
  • Half Marathon
  • Marathon
  • 50km
  • 50 mile
  • 100km
  • 100 mile

The results will show in order of cumulative time, and by category. Categories include gender and age groups. However the primary objective is to complete the challenge you set for yourself and to engage with your friends, family and the Centurion Community by sharing your journey along the way. Age Categories are available all the way from Under 5's to Vet 90 (aside from the 100 mile where categories will be senior and up only)

You must submit your results via the link above before 2359 on Sunday 20th February 2022.

Example Runners:

Runner A - Louis is 6 years old and running the 5km: Louis is running the 5km, but does so at 1km a day over six days, with a day off in the middle. His cumulative time will be 6:00:00:00 and he will feature in the 5km under 7s category.

Runner B - Nici, 41 years old, running the 5km: Nici wants to try to run the fastest time she can, and nails a 25 minute 5km. Her cumulative time will be 0:00:25:00

Beyond the results/ leaderboard this is about community engagement. We want you to share your runs and journey to your own finish line via any and all channels. You can tag us on facebook, twitter or instagram udner the hashtag #centurioncommunity. Photos are strongly encouraged! We will share what we can and award spot prizes to the best uploads and engagements over the course of the week.

A look back to the first One Community Event 

What You Get 

  • Personal Bib Number - downloadable at the start of race week by clicking on your race number on the Entrants page here
  • Live results/ leaderboard throughout the event
  • Centurion designed medal (see below) sent to you in the post once you complete your event - this will be a wooden medal and will come with a ribbon displaying your finish distance
  • Centurion designed 100 mile finisher buckle, for finishers in the 100 mile event only
  • (You can opt out of receiving the medal/ buckle during the registration process, in favour of planting a tree with trees not tees)
  • Spot prizes for best posts/ photos/ interactions via social media/ email and the hashtag #centurioncommunity 
  • 10% of all entries will go to charity. 5% to MIND (Charity no. 219830) and 5% to NHS Charities Together (Charity no. 1186569.) in 2020 we donated over £15,000 to charity from our virtual events.

How to Register 

You can register by clicking on the button linked at the top of this page. Registrations are open until the final minutes of the last day!

During registration you are able to register for just you, or an extended group of family or friends as you wish.

The event is open to everybody no matter your location. We hope to see many international runners taking part. 

You can also register for the canicross event - Simply select 'yes' during registration to 'running with a dog?' and you will appear in your age group but also the canicross category.

When you sign up you will need to include a shipping address. We will then post out your medal or buckle to you when you finish your event.

How do I upload my results

Once the event begins, simply head to the submit results tab (we will link this nearer the time), and add your details, together with the time you started your first run and the time you finished your (last) run. The system will automatically calculate your finish time and display your result on the leaderboard.

You can run anywhere, anytime. Outside on road, trail, on the treadmill, round your garden, anywhere you like. But please only count sessions where you have actively gone out to add to your distance, not simply steps around the house or as part of your normal day to day movement.

This is an honour based system. You do not need to show any proof of your run, but you may upload your GPX or link to strava when you submit your results if you would like to.

You can download a high resolution version of this image by Owen Delaney here


  • 5km - Half Marathon distances - £15
  • Marathon - 50km - 50 mile-100km distances - £20
  • 100 mile - £30
  • Free entries are available to runners under below terms*

*Free Entries to those in need or who have been impacted by the ongoing situation. We have set up a ‘Community’ ticket. These are free entries to the One Community event. Please email us here to request access to a private registration link. No explanation is required and none will be asked for, if you email (by clicking here) us we will simply send you a link to be able to register just like anybody else, but at no cost.

How should I run the event/ Is there any advice available?

Centurion Running coaches James Elson and Robbie Britton recorded a podcast for the first edition of this event (available here). They discuss the different ways to approach the format, and share some tips and advice of things to consider in planning for and running. They focus on the longer distances but there is some food for thought for runners entered into all distances and all abilities.

The two have also put together some sample schedules based around consistency and completing the event as sustainably as possible for the 50 mile and 100 mile distances which are availble here (50 mile) and here (100 mile).