Centurion Running

Wendover Woods 100®

7 Jul 2023

Course Records

Stuart Leaney (M)



Anna Troup (F)




For the 2021 Wendover Woods 100 we will need to implement a small number of Covid-Secure protocols in order to ensure the safety of everyone at the event including but not limited to runners, volunteers and staff.


If any runner, volunteer or staff member has had any symptoms related to COVID-19 in the 14 days prior to race day then they must not attend the event.

All runners and volunteers should make provision to test themselves at home the day before the event and the day afterwards. Free home test kits are available via the NHS from this link

All Staff will test for Covid immediately before and after each event.


Runners will not be kit checked prior to the start, runners must have all mandatory equipment  on them at all times as per the normal race rules. Random kit checks will be carried out on course as usual by staff in full PPE.

Bibs and trackers will still be collected on race day.

The race briefing will still be conducted in person at the start.

Start: There will be one mass start for runners, runners will be segregated at a distance of 2 metres through the start area.

Runners are asked please keep group sizes to a minimum out on the trail to make as much space as possible for other trail users.


Masks/ PPE: At the start, finish or any check point location you visit, you will be asked to wear a mask, unless the runner has a mask exemption. 

Staff/ Volunteers will be mandated to wear PPE at all times when performing duties

Sanitiser and social distancing will be in place at every check point.

The medical team will operate a “Non” Standby at Aid Stations policy, but will attend when called in.  Ambulance Crews will be attending every incident in a minimum of Level 2 PPE (Gloves, Mask, Apron, Eye Protection) and reserves the right to pull anyone suspected of exhibiting Covid-19 Symptoms from the race with immediate effect. Where a runner, volunteer or crew exhibits COVID-19 Symptoms on race day, they are to be isolated from all other participants.  They will then need to be returned to “Home” to self isolate and arrange a swab test. 

General Public/ Other trail users: As always, runners should give way to other trail users and be especially courteous when passing walkers, bikers and riders. To make sure to maintain social distancing when passing any other user and particularly through pinch points on narrow trail or through gates and stiles to stand well back where appropriate and allow others to pass safely and at distance.


Award collection: Awards will be laid out on tables for collection by each runner

Provision of hand sanitiser will be available at all stages, the finish, the food and the drop bag collection areas.

Changing or showers will not be available. Toilets are available.


Any runner, crew or volunteer must contact us if they show any Covid-19 symptoms within 7 days of the race. 

If there is any reported transmission or risk of transmission post race then all parties with any possible risk will be contacted.