Centurion Running

North Downs Way 100®

6 Aug 2016

Course Records

Ed Catmur (M)



Sally Ford (F)



The NDW100 course begins at the North Downs Way Trail Head in Farnham. For 99.6 miles, it travels on the North Downs Way National Trail with only a brief deviation to Knockholt Pound aid station, which will be very clearly marked on race day.

The only other deviation off of the North Downs Way National Trail comes at mile 99.6, when the course makes it's final turn towards our new finish location at the Julie Rose Athletics Stadium in Ashford.

The Final 3.2 miles will be marked exceptionally clearly (as will all the course). This final stretch will be largely on road.


Why have the course and finish location changed?

From 2012 until 2015, the NDW100 finished in Wye, more specifically at the Village Hall. That was the planned finish for this years/ 2016 race. We received an email in late March 2016 from the local council/ Village Hall Committee in Wye explaining that due to unforeseen circumstances, they will be removing the roof from the village hall for the duration of this summer. It is not safe or practical to finish an event as arduous as this at a venue without indoor space. Therefore we have been intensively searching for an alternative. The Julie Rose Stadium provides the most practical new finish location, with superb facilities and is an almost identical distance to the previous course (0.3 miles difference). The JR Stadium is in Ashford, 3.8 miles or 10 mins drive from Wye.

Where does the new course split from the old one?

All of the aid stations remain the same. After leaving the final aid station at Dunn Street - mile 99, runners make their way through 2 fields until the first road junction. Just past that junction, a footpath to the right hand side heralds the start of the new course and heads around the back of St. Marys Church. Runners join the road the other side of the church and follow the new route in to the stadium. Please scroll to the bottom of this page to see and download a full route map including the new route to the finish.

(Please note, when you initially arrive at this junction, you will see some electric black gates barring the way. This is not the route, you must continue 50 metres further up to make a right turn on a footpath which leads you through the church ground and out to the front of the church. Proceed down the road on the new route).

Here is a youtube video showing the route off of the NDW, down to the track at the JR Stadium.

Has the distance changed? How much climb/ descent does the new route have?

The new course is 0.3 miles longer - all of that is the final lap of the track you will make to finish. The new final 3.2 miles does not have any climbing in it at all, and descends gradually a total of 100 feet to the finish. This is similar to the profile of the final 3 miles of the previous course.

What is the new finish like?

The new finish is on the track at the Julie Rose Stadium. You will enter the track and make a full circuit before finishing under the gantry.

What facilities does the Stadium have?

There will be hot food (free for runners), Changing Rooms, Showers, A Grand Stand, Indoor Seating and an Indoor Track where sleeping will be permitted up until the final cut off at noon. Wye Village Hall did not have any of those facilities apart from the hot food.