Centurion Running

First and foremost we are an ultra distance trail event organiser based in the UK. Our objective is to put on the best supported, most professionally and safely organised, runner orientated ultra distance trail races - anywhere. We have taken the things we liked from races we have been fortunate enough to run ourselves and added them to the trails that we love. Our aim is to provide the maximum level of support we can for runners over race weekend on the resources we have available. To be transparent. To be sustainable and reduce waste and environmental impact as much as we physically can.

Centurion was founded by James Elson, currently the race director for all of the events. We don't have any permanent staff, instead we have an incredible group of people join us in order to safely and professionally manage everything through race week. On top of that we are lucky to have without doubt the most incredible group of volunteers making race day happen. 

Our races all contain the same basic elements. 50 or 100 miles non-stop and on foot. 13 - 16 fully stocked aid stations over 100 miles (7 over 50), friendly and hugely enthusiastic volunteers and staff and medical support on hand at all times, up and down the course, throughout the race.

We held our first event in August 2011 on the North Downs Way and after some wonderful feedback, we set about designing courses and events that gave runners the opportunity to run some of the most scenic and challenging trails in the UK in a fully supported race format where both racing and finishing are encouraged in equal measures. Out of those elements were borne the 4 x 100 milers comprising the 100 Mile Grand Slam, the 4 x 50 milers which comprise the 50 Mile Grand Slam and the Piece of String Fun Run (Now Retired!), on which James Adams another UK based ultrarunner has been involved in equal measure.

The coaching services we provide are suited to runners of all abilities.

The store is steadily growing to include more of the products we trust in and use ourselves. 

Most of all we pride ourselves on conveying the information runners need in order to adequately prepare for and eventually to race to the best of their ability and in the safest possible way. Please email us with any feedback or queries and we will always come back to you. 

We have been lucky enough to receive a lot of incredibly positive feedback from our events. We work tirelessly to ensure that no stone is left unturned in assisting runners to get to the finish line in as safe and enjoyable manner as possible. Ultimately it is in huge part, the volunteers who make these experiences what they are.

Below some of the feedback we've received for a few of the events in 2017:

North Downs Way 100 2017

Thank you Centurion and all the volunteers who looked after us all yesterday. 1st class support, brilliant marking and it was great see other runners families also cheer us on. I had done the NDW50 last year so knew what I was in for, but this NDW100 was something else! This was the hardest thing I have done in my life. This race took every piece of mental strength and determination to cross the line. 
Just wanted to say a huge thanks to you all for a fantastic race. I think it was my favourite race ever in terms of the atmosphere, aid stations, people, organisation… 
A huge thank you to every single volunteer out there at the weekend. Just amazing. I know how long some of those shifts are and you don't have the same adrenaline that the runners do, so thank you so much for helping turn dreams into buckles. And whoever made those tomato rice balls at Botley Hill, I love you!
Now I am back in the land of the living after the NDW100 at the weekend, I just wanted to say the biggest thank you to you and your team of volunteers for all your support during the event. Words can’t describe how wonderful everyone was and I dont think I would have completed the event without their help. Last year I didn’t finish and withdrew at 76 miles so I am just over the moon to have completed the race. It was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life and also I think, the best!
A massive thank you to all the awesome volunteers working so hard over the weekend. Buckle number 8 and I couldn't have done it without you. You guys totally rock. Thank you xx
I just wanted to add my thanks to the other numerous and well-deserved words of praise that have already been posted. Thank you to Centurion, to the volunteers, the supporters and the other runners for making my first 100-miler (albeit my second attempt at one) such a fantastic experience. I have never been so well looked after during a race and I felt like everyone really cared. It was such a luxury having my bottles filled for me. The food and drink on course was perfect -I wish I could have risked eating more of the yummy-looking ’real’ food, but as someone who’s better on mainly sugar it was really helpful being able to top up on gels instead of having to carry kilos and kilos of the things with me from the start! The organisation was top and the course was well-marked. Every time I was starting to get a bit nervous that I hadn’t seen a strand of tape for a while, one would miraculously pop up. I did go wrong 3 times but when I back-tracked I could see the markings really clearly and they were ‘my bads’. Thank you to the other runners who I shared a mile or two with -Mari, Nick, James, Graham and all the other positive, friendly people I met. I think it was my favourite ever race and I really want to do another Centurion race, if I can ever walk again. I took a flight to France this morning and I thought I was going to have to order wheelchair assistance at the airport. People kept asking me if I was ok as I shambled through the terminal. I told them it was self-inflicted. And one last thing -congratulations to everyone who finished but equally to everyone who started. Putting yourself on the start-line of a race like this takes guts and is an achievement in itself and you should be extremely proud of yourselves no matter how far you got.
Thank you all for a brilliantly organised event, my 4th 100 and it was definitely the toughest so far, loved the cheese on toast and chicken soup combo at Detling...looking forward to seeing you all again at the A100.
Thank you so much 'Team Centurion'. The organisation is second to none. I have nothing but total respect for the team of volunteers working their butts off to ensure we got our work done. The guy that looked after me at Knockholt with drinks, drop bag, food... double helping of pasta and cheese whilst I changed socks and prepared myself for the night...thank you kindly Sir. I was in and out in less than 15mins feeling fresh and full. It will be my turn next year on the aid station again, having volunteered twice and now completed two 100's.Look forward to seeing you all soon.
NDW100 volunteers: thank you, thank you, thank you. Without exception, friendly, helpful, cheery, encouraging, supportive and just damn lovely. I can't think of a better community in the running scene than the simply awesome Centurion events. I've missed volunteering this year so I'll be back to help all you CW50 runners next month.
Hi I just wanted to thank everyone for all the support yesterday at the North Downs Way, to be part of such an amazing day felt incredible. This was my second ultra, first 100 miler and it was so well organised. I felt so well looked after all marshals pushing you on, making you laugh at every opportunity and making sure I ate which I struggle with! I wanted to thank the physio at Blue Bell checkpoint who strapped my ankle, made me have a hot coffee as I was shaking and got me back on my feet enabling me to go claim my 24 hour buckle and come in third lady which I can't believe and I want her to know as she really helped get me there! Thank you all so much now I know what the Centurion Army really means 

South Downs Way 100 2017

Thanks to the marshals - every single one absolutely amazing as always. Especially the little things that make such a difference - like when they rummage through your sweaty pack for you so you don't have to take it off, when they rush around looking for someone with sun cream cos you were too stupid to put any on your neck, when they notice your pack is still unzipped as you leave the aid station, and when they wrap you up in their coats because you're cold - and you know they're just as cold and they've given up their only coat for you. These are Centurion staff, marshals, volunteers, helpers, crew, pacers, family. Love every one of you!
A friend and I took part in this weekends SDW100 (my first 100 mile attempt!) and I really wanted to pass my thanks on in writing to the team who put this event on. I've done a fair few shorter events as a runner and I have to say that this weekends event was organised absolutely brilliantly. There are a few things I'd like to highlight and if you can pass on your thanks to everyone, please do! The route was highlighted with tape and arrows absolutely perfectly. Navigation was never an issue at all. I ran most of the route in training sessions over the past months and those tricky bits which you may be hitting in darkness were made so easy with that red and white tape. You never felt like you needed to question the path you'd taken. Please thank everyone who helped with that as it ensured we got to the end safely and without having to do more mileage. The aid stations were insanely brilliant. Where did you find all those helpers ??? They were magical and really helpful. The support they provided to help get you in and out of the stations was second to none. Every station I stopped at, I was being offered help to fill my bottles and get me food, including coffee and tea where it was available. Time saved here was invaluable. The volunteers really lifted my spirits when times were hard. The team were just absolutely brilliant. Please if you can let them know that without them the run would have been a lot harder. I plan to volunteer next year if I can.
I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank the entire Centurion team for a great experience. In particular as a non-supported runner, I was unbelievably well looked after at every aid station, with stand-out service at Washington. I would also like to congratulate you on the efforts you went to in relation to navigational support. Living in Yorkshire, I had not been able to recce anything, and even overnight I had no problem finding my way.  I shall certainly be recommending Centurion events on my report on the Ilkley Harriers website. 
Just want to add my thanks to all the volunteers and marshals, you all made it an amazing experience. A special thanks to the guys at Washington who wouldn't allow me to drop until I'd had half an hour to think about it, I would never have finished without you!!
To every single person that cut fruit, made sandwiches, filled bottles, served tea, logged numbers, sorted drop bsgs and generally cared for our every need THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. James Elson and team do not miss a single trick. That course was marked impeccably. Sheer joy to take part (minus the hills of course😣) my first buckle earned xxx thanks again what a TEAM!!!
Another amazing day spent with the Centurion Running family. Every single one of you were amazing and a credit race volunteers. This really is the ultimate ultra running company in the U.K. 
 Thank you all.
Thank you everyone for taking such great care of us yesterday and today. Brilliant aid stations, kind volunteers and just a first class race. Wish I lived here !!
Short and simple. Thankyou for the kindess and support shown by the whole centurion team this weekend. As ever the event was an absolute pleasure, despite the challenges of the route, made all the more so by the amazing centurion army.
I just wanted to say a huge thank you To all the centurion volunteers for all the support and amazing awesomeness you guys are truly incredible
A huge thanks to the team at Housedean. After getting there with stomach issues I ended up blacking out from vomiting, and came to on the floor not knowing who I was or where I was. As you can imagine this scared the hell out of me (apologies to all who heard me screaming 'where am I). To say I was well looked after would be an understatement, and I want to thank im particular the lady who called my wife to collect me (sorry I've forgotten your name!) . I'm grateful for Centurion events being so well run and for having such amazing people.
Thanks once again to the amazing Centurion family. You make it all possible and give us such a lift with your smiling faces x
A mahoossive thanks to all volunteers, an equally mahoossive well done to all runners!
Three things I'd not foreseen:
1. Got talking to a fellow runner around twenty miles in. I thought I'd be the only Sheffield United fan with a grandmother from Northern Italy. I usually am...
...I was wrong. Well done, Dan!
2. The shout-out, nickname ('Gia') and all, from a volunteer running back down from what for me was mile 70. Apologies: I didn't recognise you... But thank you! A much-needed lift.
3. Mile 98. The Descent. Ow. Ow. Ow.
Just got home from finishing the SDW 100. Just wanted to say thank you for another amazingly well organised event. These events really have the feel of being organised by people who love and understand running which is so refreshing in an increasingly commercialised field.
The volunteers at the aid stations really were something else. Particularly the team at Alfriston who I got to in a really bad physical and mental state but who persuaded me I could still finish under 24 hrs, which (amazingly) I did comfortably. (Maybe just check they're not lacing their lemon cake with something!). Yet again, can't imagine doing another one but soon I'll be looking forward to NDW100.
Please could you pass on my thanks to all the volunteers yesterday at the SDW100. They were amazing! Thanks for putting on such a great well run event. Centurion events are the best!

Thames Path 100 2017

Massive thanks to all the Centurion staff, volunteers, crew, supporters and runners for brilliant day out along the Thames! What an awesome community.
I just want to say a huge thank you for all the staff and volunteers and Marshall's I just wanted to get in,fill up and get out as they say 😀so I wasn't overly chatty but tried to say thank you when I left every aid station, I was really pleased to meet Peter Colwill and Lee Scott and it gave me a real boost and thank you for telling me I was looking really good as well at 51 and 77 chaps was much appreciated!! It's a great family Centurion and I can't even put into words what this buckle means to me, 2 years ago I was 18 stone and heading for a heart attack, fast forward 2 years and 10 ultras, I failed last year and the DNF took 6 months to get over and it was a gamble coming back, but so very glad I did -thank you centurion for allowing me to be brave
Massive thank you to Centurion, volunteers, runners & supporters. Had a great time this weekend earning a third buckle.
My heartiest thanks to James, Nici and the rest of the red hoodies as well as the Centurion army out in force along the course, forever surpassing their own high standards. I am grateful to ALL of the volunteers; however, a few personal nods:-
i) Walton-on-Thames - amazing cheese scones, the baker needs their own bakery.
ii) Cookham - for telling me how handsome I was as I arrived at the aid station without any hint of sarcasm.
iii) Reading - for giving me a space to lie down for a little while when I was on the cusp of vomit and for the Whitney Houston. I will always love you, guys.
iv) Whitchurch - for trying to cater to my every need regardless of how ridiculous that was and for giving me a few minutes to try & get myself together, especially when there wasn't much time to be had.
v) The red hoodie that is Louise Ayling - for trying to shunt all of her potential drops at Henley another 8 miles along the course and for then re-appearing at Whitchurch to chivvy bedraggled souls on further yet again.
Thanks to everyone - runners, volunteers, organisers, supporters - for a fabulous event. The enormity of earning a buckle is slowly sinking in. Slept with it on my bedside table last night. Would it be too sad to wear it to work tomorrow?
Congratulations to all who took part in the TP100 
I loved every minute of it and the experience will stay with me forever 
I had a rocky patch at Henley but the Mrs slapped me a few times and told me to MTFU 
And the second half of the race flew by 
Can't believe that I smiled all the way round and the watermelon at 95 miles was amazing 
To all the Usual Suspects and to all the new usual suspects. Just massive thanks. My day was awesome from start to finish.
A beautiful and testing course, near perfect conditions, amazing support and organisation as I have become accustomed too at Centurion events. Some new acquaintances made and some old renewed. A day out with many friends and smiley faces.
Ultimately a 100m PB by over an hour on this time last year and the elusive Sub 21 for a Spartathlon ballot qualifier. See you all again soon for more running shinnanigans
Thank you to James , Nici and the rest of the Centurion family for an awesome TP100. Checkpoints and marshals fabulous as always
My first 100 and second time running at a Centurion event, fab,fab,fab. Obviously helped by finishing and exceeding my expectations. I can honestly say that the whole community - runners, volunteers, staff and supporters made me feel so welcome, so many acts of kindness. Apologies to the person at registration for sitting in the fire exit to put my number on, special thanks to Henley for delivering me food and drink while I changed all my clothes and cleaned my teeth! Also the runner just after Reading who picked up the glove that fell out of my pack Finally at the finish you were superb when I could barely move bringing me coffee and food. I hope I can be half as helpful when I am volunteering. 
As other runners have said, massive thanks to all the Centurion staff and volunteers for an amazing experience. I'm pretty sure that was my one and only 100 miler, but you were all so encouraging to those that were contemplating dropping out it was really inspiring.  Special thanks go to the sweeper who caught us up just after Abingdon, but kept reassuring us that we were on schedule to finish. (Ok, when he first appeared, he wasn't that popular!). Not only was he collecting signs and tape as he went, but he was making sure the back pack were all staying fed and hydrated, running ahead to open gates for us, and even running ahead to the next checkpoint with our orders for drinks and goodies!  Delighted to have completed the run with 19 minutes to spare! I'm looking forward to paying it back by volunteering at the SDW 100 this year, and I'll share my TP100 tattoo with you once it's done!
Thanks so much to centurion, volunteers, crews, and family and friends. 

South Downs Way 50 2017

Please pass on my thanks to all the team for a great event yesterday. The marshals at every aid station were superb. You said in your briefing that they would look after every runner the same, regardless of speed, and I certainly experienced that at Alfriston, when I arrived two minutes under the cutoff and left with a minute to spare, with topped up water and lots of encouragement. I was over the cutoff at Jevington, and am really grateful to the marshals there too, both for the friendly welcome and for waiting there when I'm sure they were all longing to get home. The course was lovely and well marked, and the race information was excellent.
I just wanted to say a big thank you to the organisers and volunteers involved in yesterday's event. The staff at the aid stations were all so jolly and supportive and the fellow competitors so friendly - it gave the whole day a great atmosphere. I ran this event to celebrate turning 50 a couple of weeks ago - it's likely to be the only event of this kind that I ever do which I'm fine about. I don't think yesterday's experience could ever be bettered!! The weather, the views.... WOW WOW WOW!!! It was all breathtaking.
Thank you so much Centurion Running for another incredible event... everything as always was perfect even if it was a touch hot for this pink headband wearing ginger..To reiterate what many have said the Marshall's and volunteers were incredible and i could of quite easily stayed at Jevington eating watermelon but i had a race to run...Looking forward to doing it all again in a few weeks and thank you Mimi for signing my medal xx
Thank you Team Centurion for a superbly executed day out on the Downs. A fantastically well marked route, excellent support from the wonderful volunteers and well organised registration and finish. Thank you to all.
Yesterday was one of those glorious days again with Centurion .. weather was perfect , the most fantastic views & as usual all the amazing people that come with Centurion events . Volunteers & marshals , you are in a class of your own .. always smiling, helping & picking up the pieces to send us on our merry way , thank you so much . Not forgetting the marvellous Nici Griffin wiping tears blood and snot off us all and keeping us in line - we love Centurion Mum 😁and James Elson for his outstanding slick organisation that keeps us coming back ! 
Firstly, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the way that you all cared for the runners yesterday. I could not have been better looked after. You have a great thing going, and I hope you never change that Centurion formula.
Please pass on my thanks to your wonderful marshals and volunteers - all of whom did an exceptional job in attending to each and every runner as they bimbled along the course, making sure that runners' water was quickly topped up and helping to combat the heat where possible. It's a standard that they have set for themselves, one that they always strive to, and more often than not, surpass.
I love Centurion runs. Great organisation, superb volunteers and cracking performances from my fellow runners. I can't thank you enough for another great day. Looking forward to another good year, even if I am a bit scared it's TP100 in a few weeks 
A massive thank you to the volunteers and marshals at yesterday's SDW50. My first UK ultra and first Centurion event - very impressed. Next time I won't bring so much food - carried so much I didn't eat as aid stations so well stocked! A great day, thank you all!
So I've finally done it. After three years of marshalling, I am now the extremely proud and honoured owner of a Centurion finishers t-shirt and medal. A huge thanks to all the totally awesome marshals. I have a great day in as close to perfect conditions as you'll get. Topped of by a 1/2 hour PB. See you at TP100 where I'll be back to marshalling before round 2 of the 50 slam.
Thankyou to all who made yesterday possible was a truly awesome day , with some incredible people , I managed to not get lost which I do quite a bit , eat loads aid stations were the best , the support on route was amazing lots of cheering , loved every minute, cant believe how great the wether was, we were so lucky, this was my first 50 miler and I'm looking forward to seeing you all in June for the 100 , happy days.

Thank you to all at Centurion and the aid station crews! My first 50 in perfect conditions at such a well organised event.

My daughters cheered me (and every one else it seems!) on at the crew cheer points and had such a great day! What a great community.

Well done to everybody who braved the hills and the sunshine! Great feeling today

I failed to make the start line last year due to injury so volunteered and since then I've been determined to wait and run my first Ultra at a Centurion event.

You did not disappoint! 'Thank you' seems inadequate for what was such a special day from start to finish. To the all the marshals I thank you sincerely, if you haven't yet and you're thinking of running next year, do it!!

I've tried to think of something I would change about yesterday, and you know what? Nothing, not one thing. I even made new friends on the bus ride back to Worthing.

Some things in life are worth waiting for. X

I can't tell you how much yesterday means to me
I was so nervous
Everything was perfect
The marshals and volunteers were so kind and encouraging 
The course was so beautiful 
The sun shone
I had a pic with Mimi too 
I'm now an ultra runner and very proud 
Happy Days 😊
While running a number of things go through your mind one mainly why do I do this and put myself through pain .
Well this is why , great people great medal and being looked after by the Centurion crew.
I haven't stopped smiling and it hasn't sunken in yet. 
The feeling coming over the finish line is the most greatest feeling ever( apart from taking off that dam back pack lol.)
If I'm going to be mad then I can't think of a better group to be mad with😉

We often receive questions about why we have a mandatory gear list for each of our events, and why specific items are included on it. This page is dedicated to explaining the reason for the inclusion of each item. No compromise will be taken in ensuring the safety of runners at our events. We prefer to run trails with the mininum amount of necessary equipment, however the items we list as mandatory equipment may save your life if you are caught out in bad conditions, become lost, disorientated or injured during an ultra distance event. Never underestimate how quickly conditions may deteriorate or change away from forecast.

There are many options regards kit for fulfilling these requirements and those of other events. We stock what we believe to be the best options at our online store available by clicking here under the Mandatory Gear Section. Please ask us if you have any questions.

The expectation is that a race gear list requires you to pack and carry a big heavy rucksack. This is very far from the case. For tips on how to pack, what gear to look at and how to fit everything you need in to less than 3 litres worth of space please see this video from James at Centurion Running.

Mobile Phone

Your mobile phone can be used to call Race HQ or the Medical Team in case of emergency away from an aid station involving you, or another runner. It allows us to guide you to safety and it allows us to locate you more quickly and easily. Our races take place in the South East UK where phone reception is widespread and often good even on more remote trails. 

Head Lamp or Primary Light Source

If the event you are running in will involve running after sunset for any competitor in the field, then a headlamp/ primary light source will be included as mandatory equipment. Running at night requires light for safe negotiation of terain, improved navigation and can be used as a beacon for runners in distress easing location of their whereabouts by race staff or search and rescue teams. Faster runners may finish well before sunset in shorter events, however all runners must carry the same equipment to ensure parity/ fairness. It is also impossible to tell how a race may go for any individual, with many taking longer than expected, or getting lost and requiring additional time to cover the distance involving unplanned night time running.

Back Up Light Source NOT Spare Batteries

Your secondary lamp must be a minimum of 25 lumens. Quite simply if your bulb goes in your primary lamp, no amount of batteries will allow you to rectify that issue. A spare lamp is there to prevent running in total darkness if the bulb goes or the primary lamp malfunctions. Carrying spare batteries is an extremely worthwhile exercise in addition.

Route Map & Compass

Our courses are marked by national trail waymarkers and our own additional course markings. Course markings can be either vandalised or removed. Having a map and compass provides you, the runner, a source for getting back on course should course markings be removed/ vandalised or should you find yourself off course due to a navigational error on your part. We strongly advise all runners to ensure knowledge of navigation using map and compass prior to taking part in ultra distance trail events. 


If you suffer an injury and are unable to proceed in poor or low visibility conditions, the whistle may facilitate your being located vastly more quickly than without one. It isn't necessary to use any distress call, simply blowing the whistle may dramatically reduce the time it takes race staff or search and rescue teams to find you. 

Waterproof With Sealed Seams

A waterproof is essential kit on the trails in all but the warmest summer months in the UK, and when running at night at any time of the year. Rainfall is common year round, runners who are caught out and become wet through suffer reduced core temperatures, leading to a slowing in pace and the beginning of a viscious circle which can lead very quickly to hypothermia. Jackets without sealed seams, will not keep you dry. Wherever a waterpoof jacket is listed as mandatory, sealed seams are essential. The fabric should also be verified waterproof and NOT wind or shower proof. The same criteria exist where water proof trousers are listed. The minimum water resistance of a jacket should be 10,000mm.

If you have a jacket that is less than that level of water resistance or is shower / wind proof only, it will NOT pass kit check. Please don't tell us that you've 'been training in it all winter and it's been fine'. The conditions in the dark, wet and wind at hour 5-29 on your 50 or 100 mile race when you are moving very much more slowly and are much more heavily fatigued than you have ever reached in training, catch people out every time we hold an event. It may be that you are a mountain leader with Himalayan experience, or a first timer - the rules have to remain the same for everyone.  

Bottles or Bladder with caacity for 1 litre of liquid

Our aid stations are frequent, the longest distance being 12 miles between two points, the shortest just over 3 miles. It is necessary to carry water between aid stations in order to ensure runners can manage their hydration both under regular conditions but particularly if they become lost, injured or disorientated resulting in vastly increased time taken to cover the distance between two water points.

Warm Hat & Gloves

Body heat is lost most rapidly through the head. A hat will ensure runners stay warm for longer. Aside from providing warmth and a means of retaining heat, gloves faciliate the use of fingers for dealing with changes of clothes or operation of other survical equipment for longer. 

Base Layer

This must be a separate layer to that which you start the race in, even if you are wearing two tops on the start line. This layer should be kept dry and used only in an emergency. 

Many of the above items are available for purchase in our store. They are also all widely available at any number of good online and bricks and mortar retail outlets. 


This page is designed to provide runners an understanding of our refund and transfer policy, with information behind the reason for it.

First and foremost, we are runners ourselves, we understand all too well how frustrating it is not to be able to make the start line of an event that you/we have invested huge time and energy towards. We therefore try to be absolutely transparent with this policy and leave absolutely no room for confusion.

Our Refund/ Transfer policy for all Events is as follows:

Withdrawals up to 4 weeks prior to race day (0600 GMT Saturday 28 days prior) are eligible for a 70% refund. Withdrawals after that time will not be refunded as all race day costs have been incurred by that stage and you will not be replaced. There are no deferals or transfers to alternative/ later events. Exception to this is ONLY ifor pregnancy and in which case you must notify us by email of your pregnancy no later than 4 weeks prior to race day to be eligible for a 100% refund. You must acknowledge that you understand and agree to this policy during the registration process.

You will find the above listed on the registration page on our website, and all runners are presented with the exact details of the below policy during the registration process. Runners must tick the box in agreement to this policy in order to register for a race. Quite simply we do not want anyone for any reason to feel cheated or let down if they need to cancel their entry. We simply cannot be more transparent than this. 

To put it simply, if you do not agree with the refund/ policy, please do not enter the event. 

We make the policy as clear as possible by making you aware of it and asking you to agree to it during the registration process. We are not in a position to judge every case on it's individual merit. We can only have one completely clear policy for every situation faced.


Can I transfer my entry to another runner?

The answer to this is no and here's why. We are fortunate enough that every event we have staged since 2012, has sold out. When a race fills up, a waiting list opens and runners are permitted to add themselves to that list through the website on a first come first served basis. When we have a runner from the start list cancel their entry, that place gets offered to the first person on the waiting list and so on and so forth with each additional cancellation. If we allowed transfers, runners would effectively be able to jump over all of those people who have registered for the waiting list. The system would no longer be fair.

Can I transfer my entry to another race?

The answer to this is no and here's why. When entries go on sale for a new event, the priority is given to volunteers from the previous year. Entries are then opened at a given date and time for everyone else. Sometimes the races fill up very quickly indeed. If we transfer entries for runners from one race to the next or one year to the next, those people are effectively bypassing the registration process as it applies to everyone else. The system would no longer be fair. We would also see a number of runners securing entries to events they had no intention to run, simply to transfer/ guarantee entry to another which fills up very quickly.

Can I get a refund inside of 4 weeks prior to race day?

The answer to this is no and here's why. Exactly 4 weeks out from race day, we shut the waiting list and no further entries are taken. If you cancel inside of 4 weeks, you will no longer be replaced. The reason for that is administrative. It is at that point we do the following:

- Run all runner registration details for medical declarations and communicate those to our chief medical officer. We then liaise with the runners with outstanding conditions as to their being fit to compete.
- Check all runner qualifier details and correspond with those runners who have listed incomplete or missing qualifiying data (and who then may not be permitted to start the race).
- Finalise the awards orders, most importantly T- Shirt sizes. 
- Collect and collate Runner Emergency Contact Details and communicate those to the three key members of staff who hold those on race day.
- Send the first of our two runner pre-race mail outs.
- Collate and print all runner manual bib timing sheets.
- Collate and print our registration sheets, divided in to 3 groups by alphabetical order.

Any changes to the start list inside of 4 weeks would render us having to amend or re-run every one of the above items, some of which simply cannot be done any later than 4 weeks prior to race day. That is why we pick that period of time. Remember, you are not the only person who has to cancel their spot. 

I need to cancel and it is more than 4 weeks to race day. How much of a refund am I eligible for?

As above, inside of 4 weeks there are no refunds for any reason. Outside of 4 weeks prior to race day, no matter the reason for cancelling your entry, you are eligible for a 70% refund. The reason for this is that there is a physical and administrative cost to processing your refund. The cost of that is 30% of the entry fee. 

The exception to this is pregnancy. See below.

Pregnancy refund level

Runners who notify us of pregnancy outside of 4 weeks prior to race day are eligible for a 100% refund. 


Once again, we try to be as clear as we can with the above policy. The only way to ensure parity across the board is to have one clear policy and stick to it, however much of blow it comes to a runner who discovers they are unable to run the race they have entered.  

We often receive questions asking for clarification of whether a runner is qualified to compete at one of our events. Here is a brief overview of what counts, and what doesn't.

Please note that these are the absolute minimum qualifications required in order to start. We advise gathering a great deal more experience than a single qualifier before attempting the 50 mile, but especially the 100 mile distance. 

100 mile Distance - What Counts for 2018?

All Results must be from between 1/1/2015 and the race date of the chosen event. 

  • Completion of a 50 mile single stage ultra within 15 hours and with a published set of results. (Note if you have finished a 50 mile event within the cut off of that event, but in a time over 15hrs, you may apply to the committee for exception). 
  • Completion of a single stage ultra longer than 50 miles in length.
  • Completion of a Double Iron Distance Triathlon (Run Stage is single stage and over 50 miles in length)
  • Completion of a multi-day race where one individual stage is longer than 50 miles and invividual stage results/ lengths are published. Example: Marathon Des Sables where the long day is greater than 50 miles in length. 
  • Completion of over 50 miles in a timed event up to 12hr (runners may not use splits or final distances achieved at 24hr, 48hr or 6 Day Races)
  • Completion of over 75 miles in a timed event up to 24hr (runners may not use splits or final distances achieved at 48hr or 6 Day Races)

100 mile Distance - What Doesn't count for 2018?

  • A race that is less than 50 miles in length. Please do not email us requesting to use a race less than 50 miles in length, as a qualifier. We have to draw a firm line.
  • Completion of a 50 mile event outside of 15hrs total time.
  • Running the qualifying distance in training only. GPS traces/ Links to Garmin Connect or Movescount do not count.
  • Running the distance as part of a military exercise where no results are published.
  • Running the qualifying distance in an official race, but not as a single stage effort: Example: Completing 50 miles over a two day event or over two separate runs on the same day.
  • Ironman 
  • Completing over 50 miles in an ultra distance event, but not completing the full event. Example: DNF at the SDW100 at mile 70.
  • Old results. Example: Standard must be achieved between 1/1/2015 and race date, and the entrant offers a result from 2014.

50 mile Distance - What Counts for 2018?

All Results must be from between 1/1/2015 and the race date of the chosen event. 

  • Completion of a marathon (or greater distance) single stage race within the time limits of that event and with a published set of results. 
  • Completion of an Iron Distance Triathlon (Run Stage is single stage and 26.2 miles in length)
  • Completion of a multi-day race where one individual stage is longer than 26.2 miles and invividual stage results/ lengths are published.  
  • Completion of over 26.2 miles in a timed event (includes up to 6hr but NOT more ie. 12hr, 24hr, 48hr or 6 Day+ Races)

50 mile Distance - What Doesn't count for 2018?

  • Running the qualifying distance in training only. GPS traces/ Links to Garmin Connect or Movescount do not count.
  • Running the distance as part of a military exercise where no results are published.
  • Running the qualifying distance in an official race, but not as a single stage effort.
  • Completing over 26.2 miles in an ultra distance event, but not completing the full event. Example: DNF at the SDW50 at mile 42.
  • Old results. Example: Standard must be achieved between 1/1/2015 and race date, and the entrant offers a result from 2014.

* One caveat here are races which are published to be a certain distance, but are renowned for being short. If a race is advertised as 50 miles by an organiser, it will be counted as a 50 mile race and will be accepted as a qualifier.