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Welcome to the Centurion Ultramarathon Running Team page. The news feed at the top follows the very different paths of the runners profiled below in their quest to fulfil their own ultrarunning goals. Here is the provisional calendar of major ultra events for the team in 2017:


  • January, Country to Capital: James, Tim, Drew. Result: Finishes Number 6, 6 and 9 respectively!
  • February, Transgrancanaria: Debbie. Result: Finish 14th Lady.
  • March, Haworth Hobble: Danny K. Result: 7th
  • April, Panyagalosa 60km: Robbie. Result: 14th
  • April, Brecon Beacons Traverse: Danny D. Result: New Record Time.
  • April, Highland Fling: Eddie
  • April, Three Peaks: Danny K
  • June, Paddy Buckley Summer: Danny D
  • June, Samoens Trail: Eddie
  • July, World 24 Champs: Debbie & Robbie
  • July, Snowdonia Marathon: Danny D
  • July, Ronda Del Cims: Tim
  • July, Lakeland 50: Eddie
  • July, Lakeland 100: James
  • August, Brecon Beacon Traverse: Danny D
  • August, OCC: Robbie
  • August, UTMB: Danny K
  • August, Tor Des Geants: Debbie
  • September, Grand to Grand: James
  • October, Cappadoccia 110km: Robbie
  • November, Desert Ultra Namibia: Robbie
  • November, Wendover Woods 50: Tim, Danny D
  • December, Saintelyon: Eddie 

I have been running since I was 6 years old so have over 30 years of running experience.  In that time I have done almost every type of running you can think off, for example as teenager I came 6th in the English schools decathlon. An injury leading up to the 2011 London Marathon led me to question what I wanted from running. This led to my wife Abbie buying me entry into the Thames Path 100 as a surprise birthday present, and the rest as they say is history.

Past Results:

  • IAU World 100km Champs 2015 12th (6.53), 2014 16th & GB Team Bronze (7.03)
  • World Masters 100km Champion 2015 for the 35-40 year age group
  • IAU World Trail Champs - 25th place, GB team gold
  • Anglo Celtic Plate 100km (UK Champ places) – 1st 2013, 2nd 2012, 2014 & 2015
  • Thames Path 2012 & 2016: 1st and CR Both Times.
  • NDW 50 – 1st and CR’s 2013 & 2015
  • Thames Trot 50 - 1st, 2012-2016
  • Monster Ultra and Stort 30 – CR’s and 1st places – 2013, 2014, 2015
  • Trailblaster trail 12hr – 130km in 11hrs 13mins
  • Shires and Spires – 1st 2012 & 2013

Top 5:

  1. Winschotten 2015 – Finally a good performance in a GB Vest.  It was a race I hadn’t intended to do but the day after the ACP in Redwick my daughters convinced me to go for it.   The training, the build up and the race itself all went well.  Going into the last lap still feeling good and knowing that sub 7hr was there for the taking was a fantastic.   Breaking 7 hrs, a great atmosphere, a World masters medal and all in front of my family.   
  2. Doha 2014 - After 3 attempts I finally got my GB vest for 100km. I was third counter for the team competition that GB got the Bronze medal.  A PB and 16th place when many a better runner than me fell apart.  Another tough night in the GB vest but a whole bunch of experiences I will never forget.
  3. World Trail Championships - My worst performance in an Ultra on a course that didn't suit me.  However, it was my first GB vest and I was lucky enough to be part of a fantastic winning GB team, so I got to sing the national anthem on the podium.  To live two childhood dreams in one day is priceless
  4. Mile 16 at the Wymondham 20 miler  - My running at the start of 2013 was rubbish, my training was poor, I got ill and ran badly at the Thames Trot.  I had already told family that I was pulling out of the Anglo Celtic Plate but gave myself one last chance to test my fitness before notifying the England team.  I got dropped at 11miles but something happened at 16miles I came back to life and ran the last 4 miles at 10k pace.  Perth was back on. I ran a solid, sensible race in the cold, I still can't believe I am UK 100km champion
  5. Redwick ACP 100km 2012  - My first England vest made even more special as that day was the last day I saw my mother alive.  After 30 years of running she finally got to see her son run for his country

I like to race any distance from parkrun to multi-days to 100 miles, ideally off-road and preferably somewhere interesting like in the mountains or the desert. I still like to run a standard road marathon every now and then as a bit of speedwork and an objective fitness test.

Past Results

  • MdS x 7 (Including 3 x Top 10s)
  • UTMB x 3
  • CCC (14th in 2014)
  • Lakeland 50 (3rd in 2014)
  • Marathons: 20 with a PB of 2:34 (CR holder at Steyning Stinger)
  • Pilgrims Challenge 2 x Winner and CR holder

Top 5

  1. MdS, 2014 – 5th place and a British record, my best performance so far. I love having a whole week of roughing it out in the desert and not having to do anything but get up and race each day.
  2. London Marathon, 2015 – My marathon PB of 2:34 ran 2 weeks after the MdS. Being from London and having family and friends out on the route adds to the experience.
  3. Pilgrims, 2013 – My first race win! (not including the 1500m at sports day when I was 11!).
  4. Nationals, 2015 –Racing in the mud at the cross country Nationals at Parliament Hill was definitely an experience and was very happy with a top 100 finish that is actually better than it sounds!
  5. CCC, 2014 – It was great to finally have a good day out on the mountains around Mont Blanc with a 14th place finish after a couple of 40 plus hour death marches at the UTMB back in 2009 & 2011.

I started running in 2008 mainly on the road and trail. I captained the Irish national ultra running team for the World and European 100k and also represented Ireland in the World and European Trail Running Championships in Connemara. I have now turned to the mountains and looking to compete in European mountain races. It is for this reason I have moved my entire family to the Brecon Beacons :)

Blog http://runningmad-dan.blogspot.co.uk/

Past Results

  • Anglo Celtic Plate - 1st 
  • UTSW - 1st
  • Thames Path 50 - 1st
  • Gower Ultra - 1st
  • European 100k Championships 7th
  • Salomon South Downs Marathon 1st

Top 5

  1. Winning the Anglo Celtic Plate race (England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales compete over 100k) despite giving myself food poisoning on the Friday before the race!
  2. Falling of a cliff in Zenor on the Ultra Trail South West but managing to hang on to some grass. I managed to live which was nice although I did feel a bit odd shouting for help at 3 in the morning! 
  3. Generally running with my buddies in the mountains in the UK sharing experiences and training together. We spend so much time thinking and focusing on races that we never really take time to stop and enjoy the training!

Started running in 2005  to challenge myself to run a half marathon.  Ended up doing 2 marathons (one of them snowdonia) and realised the true pleasure in running in beautiful places for a long time.  Now having completed a fair few 100 mile races i'm doing my best to run them faster and learning a heck of a lot on the way. Total addict, haven't looked back since.

Past Results

  • GUCR 2008, 2011
  • WHW race 2009, 2010, 2011
  • Lakeland 100 
  • UTMB 
  • Leadville 
  • Hardmoors 110 
  • 100 miles of Istria 
  • Ronda Del Cims x 2
  • 100 miles Sud De France x 2

Top 5

  1. Running my first race of 100 miles or over was GUCR 2008.  I got to 100 miles feeling "ok" then within a mile found myself crying and thinking it was the absolute hardest thing i'd ever done and not being able to move without the most considerable mental effort.  I power walked most of the rest of it and the only thing that got me through was imagining the total confidence of  Michael Jordan walking onto a court bouncing a basketball and trying to imitate it.
  2. UTMB 2009 - As we came to the final part of the final climb, the sun was just rising over Mt Blanc and it was the most magical experience i'd ever had.  I just floated down the descent into one of the best finishing experiences there is.
  3. Running down Pikes Peak.  I'd been to Colorado in 2011 to celebrate my 30th birthday and to run the Leadville 100.  If you like trail running this is the most impossible place to execute a well calculated taper. Pure running bliss.
  4. Dunstable Downs Marathon 2011.  For a laugh, i was encouraged to peg it up to the top of the first hill in order to get through the gate first then stop and rest and wait for my pals to carry on the race at a more social pace.  Anyhow, i got to the top of the first hill and just kept my foot down for the whole race.  I ended up in 2nd place very close to my marathon pb on a hilly self navigation course. 
  5. Highland fling 2009 - Having driven through the area as visiting my Grandparents, I finally got to explore the area i fell in love with as a child.  

Based in Glasgow, I have represented Scotland and Great Britain in 100K and 24 hour races   I like road, hills, towpath and trails.  Actually, I just like running. Except cross-country.  I don’t do cross-country.  The longer the better for me, so don’t ask me my 10K time. I’m married to an ultra-runner and fit training around a full-time job and our son, Cairn.  Juggling is my forte.  I also do my own stunts and could fall over fresh air.  Skinned knees and bruised limbs is my signature look.  I like to do one thing each year that scares me. 

Blog http://www.debsonrunning.blogspot.com/

Twitter @UltraRunDMC

Instagram ultrarundmc

Past Results

  • 100 miles PB - 15:48
  • 24 hours PB – 221.7km
  • West Highland Way Race 2008, 2010 and 2011. Best time 19:38
  • Highland Fling 53 miles (2010 and 2011). Silver in the UK trail championship
  • Anglo Celtic Plate – representing Scotland
  • Commonwealth ultra-distance championships North Wales 2011 –representing Scotland in the 24 hour race.
  • IAU World 24 hour championships 2012 Katowice, Poland. Set new Scottish records for 100m, 200km and 24 hour. Bronze team for world, silver for Europeans
  • IAU World 24 hour championships 2013 Steenbergen, Holland. PB of 220km.  Team European bronze.
  • Devil Of the Highlands 2012: 1st
  • Grand Union Canal Race 2012: 1st Overall and Female CR Holder.
  • Thames Path 100 2013: 1st
  • Lakeland 100 2013/2014: 2nd/ 1st
  • Lakeland 50 2015: 2nd
  • Winter 100 2014: 2nd 
  • 24hr World Champs 2015: 221km, 12th.
  • Spartathlon 2015: 5th
  • SDW100 2016: 1st
  • NDW100 2016: 1st and New CR
  • 2016 European Championships Team GB.

Top 5

  1. Completed all the Centurion Running 100 mile races – winning three out of four and setting a new CR on the NDW100 in 2016.
  2. Great Britain 24-hour team since 2012, representing the team in Poland 2012, Holland 2013, Italy 2015 and France 2016. 24 hour PB 221km.  In Poland I set a new Scottish record for 100 miles 15:48.  If you do the maths, it’s not what you would call my finest paced performance. 
  3. Winning the Lakeland 100 in 2014 and placing 2nd (10th overall) in Lakeland 50 in 2015.
  4. Outright winner of GUCR in 2012 and women’s course record holder in 28:01 – even after falling in the canal during the night
  5. 5th at Spartathlon in 2015.  I was never ever going to do this race, because it terrified me and I’m rubbish at running in heat.  It was the most horrendous and amazing race experience to date

Never one to shy away from a challenge I moved from Ironman Triathlon to Ultra running in 2013 as it was so much easier (and cheaper!) with kids in tow. Since then I have concentrated racing over the ‘shorter’ ultra distances from 100km to 50 miles as well as popping out a few kids and moving my whole family to live in the Alps! Anyone who knows me knows I love to run fast and most of all I love to race! With that in mind I will continue to concentrate on racing 50s whilst the kids are still young with a 5 year plan of moving up distance as they get older and my legs get stronger! I was very proud to represent England 8 months after having my third baby and pride myself on being a role model for other mums out there who juggle everything and still manage to fulfil their own athletic ambitions. I am also a Centurion Coach and love the array of clients and abilities that brings to me. 2017 is all about heading to race some classic ultra courses and seeing if I can move up the field in the European trail races (don’t hold your breath!). 

Blog http://www.runningwithmybaby.blogspot.com/

Past Results

  • 2016 ACP British 100km Champs: 2nd Lady.
  • 2016 Steyning Stinger: 1st Lady.
  • 2014 South Downs Way 50: 7:09 1st Lady and CR
  • 2014 Country to Capital: 5:42 1st Lady and CR
  • 2013 Salisbury 50km 3.53, 2nd overall and 1st lady
  • 2013 Downslink Ultra 38 miles, 3rd overall and 1st lady, 4.47
  • 2009 Ironman Hawaii World Champs: 10:48

Top 5

  1. Finishing country to capital in January, 8 months after having my second baby. 'Jogging' round and feeling super strong over the last 10miles, knowing that, once I got really fit this was a sport I was going to love!
  2. Crashing and burning at mile 34 of the SDW50, poor preparation, poor mental attitude and lack of eating meant I dropped in a minor hyperthermic mess. From this my husband gave me a serious talking to, I changed my training, I changed my attitude. I met James and I havent looked back since.
  3. Breaking the course record over the Three forts course. Buried a few of the SDW50 demons, felt great and loved every second, espcially embracing the mayor in a sweaty mess at the end
  4. Salisbury 50km- went off hard and actually raced over a longer marathon distance for the first time. Loved the course and loved finishing second overall. Had to wait 3 hours for my prize as they couldnt believe a woman had run that fast and beaten the boys.2nd overall and 1st lady
  5. Downslink ultra- my first proper ultra race knowing I was fit, had tapered and had no excuses not to execute! Loved running knowing I was chasing the boys all day, 3rd overall and 1st lady in 4.47

I've been running ultras since 2005 gradually working my way through my bucket list of dream events.

Personal Ultra experience:

Top 5

  1. Finishing the Spartathlon. Something I agonised over for a couple of years. The ultimate running race. 
  2. Finally cracking the 100 mile distance with a 14:50 in 2015 at Rocky Raccoon
  3. The end of Leg 4 of my Bob Graham Round with the sunset over Ennerdale.
  4. Winning the Autumn 100 with my own team of staff and volunteers to share it with.
  5. Finally cracking 24hrs in Athens in March 2016 with 242.497km. 

Started running in early 2010 with my first ultra at London to Brighton that year. Since then trying distances from marathon to 100 miles, finally finding the great distance of 50 mile races and a love of trail. Now looking forward to continuing racing my favourite distance hoping to sneak under 6 hours on the way.

Blog http://ultrapaulo.wordpress.com/

Past Results

  • 2016 British 100km Champs: 1st 6:58.
  • Caesars Camp 50: 1st & New Course Record 2012
  • Dartmoor Discovery: 5th 2011, 3rd 2012
  • Beauty and Beast Marathon: 1st 2012
  • Sussex Marathon: 1st 2013 (CR)
  • Farnham Pilgrim marathon: 1st 2013 (CR)
  • Endurancelife Sussex Ultra: 1st 2013
  • Downslink Ultra: 1st 2013
  • Lakeland 100: 30th 2011
  • Rocky Raccoon 2013: Finish

Top 5

  1. Finishing at Lakeland 100 in 2011 as my first 100 mile race.
  2. Win and CR at Casesars Camp in 2012 after DNF at the race the year previous whilst leading.
  3. Dartmoor Discovery 3rd place 2012 with what I think is my best effort at an ultra so far, unfortunately a couple of people had a were faster than me!
  4. Finishing at Rocky Raccoon 100 2013. After the race went badly wrong about half way was very pleased to get up and finish to collect my first US buckle.
  5. Beating Robbie Britton in a tempo run.

I'm a trail and ultra runner specialising at the 24hr/100mile distance, representing Team GB at the 2013 24hr World Champs. Shortly afterwards I ran a 15:47 trail 100 mile PB in winning the Petzl SDW100. 

Blog http://robbiebritton.co.uk/

Past Results

  • World 24hr Champs 2015: 3rd place Overall
  • Caesars Camp 100 - 27:41 & 21:30 (3rd)
  • GUCR: 31:26 (7th)
  • NDW 100: 19:47 (1st)
  • TP 100: 16:02 (2nd)
  • Cotswold 100: 20:26 (2nd) 
  • Basel 24hr: 222.5km (5th) 
  • Tooting Bec 24hr: 209km (2nd) 
  • UTMB 2014
  • CCC 2016 (11th)
  • Barcelona 24hr: 231km (4th)
  • World 24hr Champs: 239.008km (16th)
  • Petzl SDW100 2013: 15:47 (1st)
  • Spartathlon 2013
  • Pilgrims Way 2014: Win & CR
  • West Highland Way Race 2014: 2nd / 2nd fastest time ever.

My motivation for running ultras is the scenery and running in stunning locations. I prefer hills, mud and nasty weather which levels the playing field. Ideally I look for races which I perhaps wouldn’t get to explore otherwise in this incredible planet and I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to explore it. Ultimately I like the mini adventure aspect, seeing the sun set and rise in a race is very special and makes me appreciate the world around me. It doesn’t have to be fun to be fun. My early season races usually included a couple in the mountains and heavy rain of South Wales. Looking ahead I need to head back to the Bear, and Sud de France for redemption one day. 2016 wasn’t my most successful year so I know I have some work to do. Not a race but planning a multi-day trip of the GR54 in France before heading back to Ronda cel Cims.

Past Results

Finishes (longer stuff)
2015 Hardrock CCW (Finally a real hardrocker) 
2015 V3K 
2014 Hardrock C/W
2014 Fellsman 
2013 UTSW60 
2012 Hardrock 100 C/W 

Top 5

1 - Hardrock. There is something very special about this race, the course, the people and the ethos. It’s an old school ultra which has got better with age, the meaning and the accomplishment deepens. I feel privileged to have been involved and would love to go back to spend time in the San Juan’s. Each time I have had the privilege to run this race I have been blessed with incredible pacers and crew seriously accomplished winners of 100 and 50 mile events and their families, who gave up their time to help me achieve my goals.  

2. Leadville. My first 100, I was the lightest I have been and I was scared as the furthest I had run before this was 50 miles. I ran scared (of the clock) most of the day.  I entered not knowing any other runners and because sometimes you have to go big or go home. I was fortunate Drew Sheffield and James Elson (who I didn’t know beforehand) entered and we shared a house and a weeklong adventure together, returning with three for three (buckles). Doesn’t get better than that.

3 Namibia – A multi day event in Sousevlei. After being turned around en route to Libya for the Libyan challenge, 3 weeks later I flew to the heat of Namibia. A very hot desert multi day ultra , camping out and visiting locations such as dead vlei, Big Daddy and Dune 45 as well as running with Ostrich springbok amongst others. The stars and night sky was beyond description.

4 The Bear 100 DNF supported by Azusa my girlfriend my mind and soul didn’t join me at the start line and I pulled out for no good reason...It gives me a reason to return and motivation not have this experience again. I love standing on the start line felling the anticipation, knowing that the finish line has to be earned and times like this are a reminder how easy it is to come up short.

5 Country to capital specifically ‘Race to the gate’. C2C was my first ultra and goes right past my door and uses the trails I often run on, it’s the perfect start to the year.


  • Jan, Country to Capital: James E: 1st 4:59. Debs: 5th 6:28. 
  • Feb, Ice Ultra: Robbie. 1st, Course Record.
  • Feb: Thames Trot: Craig: 1st 5:49.
  • March, ACP 100km: Paul: 1st, 6:58. Eddie: 2nd, 8:24.
  • March, Athens 24hr: James Elson. 2nd, 242km.
  • March, Canalathon 100km: Craig. 1st, 7:47.
  • April, Thames Path 100: Craig. 1st and CR, 14:09.
  • April, Highland Fling: Debs, Robbie: 4th, 7:08. Debs: 6th, 8:44.
  • April, London Marathon: Danny K, Gemma. Danny K: 2:29. Gemma: 3:23.
  • June, SDW100: Debs. 1st, 17:12.
  • July, Ronda Del Cims: Drew. 33rd, 42:00.
  • August, NDW100. Debs. 1st and CR. 18:34
  • August, CCC: Robbie Britton. 11th.
  • September, Chiltern Wonderland 50: Eddie, 1st and CR, 7:58.
  • October, Downslink Ultra: James, 1st and CR, 4:16.
  • October, 100 Miles Sud De France: Drew. 15th, 30:30. 
  • October, European 24hr Champs: Debs, James E and Robbie. Mens Team Silver. Ladies Team 10th.
  • December, Sainte Lyon 72km: Eddie. 9th, 7:36.


  • Jan, Rocky Raccoon 100: James Elson, Ian Sharman. Ian 1st, 13:32. James 8th, 14:50,
  • Feb, Tarewera 100km: Robbie Britton. 7th, 8:45.
  • Feb, Thames Trot 50: Craig Holgate. 1st, 5:48. 
  • Feb, Donadea 50km: Debbie Martin-Consani. 5th, 4:05.
  • March, MCN 40: Tim Adams. 18th. 8:35.
  • April, Marathon Des Sables: Danny Kendall. 8th Overall.
  • April, Crawley 12hr: Mark Perkins. 1st/CR, 99.43 miles. 100 mile split 12:04:23 for 4th Fastest British Track 100 mile.
  • April, World 24hr Champs: Robbie Britton, Debbie Martin-Consani. Robbie 3rd with 261.14km. Debbie 12th with 221.71km.
  • April, Highland Fling: Paul Navesey. 2nd: 7:06. Third Fastest All Time.
  • May, ACP 100km: Craig Holgate. 2nd: 7:01.
  • May, GUCR: Mark Perkins, James Adams. Mark 2nd: 22:41. Second Fastest All Time. James A. 26th: 35:29.
  • May, World Trail Champs: Danny Doherty. 9:20. 17th.
  • June, Western States: Ian Sharman. 16:44. 7th.
  • June, Ronda Del Cims: Neil Bryant. 57:34. 129th.
  • June, Mont Blanc 80km: Danny Doherty. 12:07. 11th.
  • July, Hardrock: Tim Adams. 37:44. 47th. 
  • July, Vol State 500 Screwed: James Adams. 149:47:00. 10th.
  • July, Lakeland 50: Debbie Martin-Consani. 9:04. 2nd.
  • September, World 100km Champs: Craig Holgate. 6:53. 11th.
  • September, Spartathlon: Debbie Martin-Consani. 30:36. 5th. 
  • September, UTAT: Neil Bryant. 22:55. 14th.
  • October, 100 Miles Sud De France: Drew Sheffield. 36:24. 25th.
  • October, Autumn 100: James Elson. 14:35. 1st/ CR.
  • October, Grand Trail Templiers: Danny Kendall. 8:25. 40th.
  • October, Capadoccia 110km: Robbie Britton. 12:29. 3rd.
  • October, Mourne Skyline MTR: Dan Doherty. 4:04. 2nd.
  • October, Stort 30: Craig Holgate. 1st, CR.
  • November, White Rose 60: Debbie Martin-Consani. 11:05. 1st, CR.